Members of our team are experienced negotiators who will provide their clients with high-level professional services, abiding by the individual approach and all postulates of attorney's code of ethics.

Staša Stefanović

Attorney partner
E-mail: odv.stefanovic@stefanovic-vrdelja.hr
Practice areas: mergers, divisions and takeovers · company law · business law · criminal law · leasing law · investment funds

Iva Vrdelja

Attorney partner
E-mail: odv.vrdelja@stefanovic-vrdelja.hr
Practice area: banking and financial law · leasing law · public procurement · civil law · law on obligations · real-estate

Katarina Krvavica

E-mail: odv.krvavica@stefanovic-vrdelja.hr
Practice area: business law · civil law · leasing law · insurance law · energetics

Tomislav Bulić

E-mail: odv.bulic@stefanovic-vrdelja.hr
Practice area: enforcement law · civil law · public procurement · leasing law · criminal law

Nataša Pletikosa

E-mail: odv.pletikosa@stefanovic-vrdelja.hr
Practice area: company law · civil law · leasing law · labour law · family law

Ružica Ošap

Attorney trainee
E-mail: ruzica@stefanovic-vrdelja.hr
Practice area: real-estate · enforcement law · civil law

Luka Tadijan

Attorney trainee
E-mail: luka@stefanovic-vrdelja.hr
Practice area: civil law · enforcement law · misdemeanor law

Nika Jurković

Attorney trainee
E-mail: nika@stefanovic-vrdelja.hr
Practice area: civil law · enforcement law · administrative law

Sandra Mandić